Welcome to the SFG30.

A long-time in the making, the SFG team have finally got off their hammocks, slipped on their try-hard sandals and got to work to produce this one. Our aim is to bring you the finest young African footballing talents from across the globe, explain what makes them so great and why you should be looking out for them in the future. So, on each day throughout April 2014, we will be posting a new entrant into the coveted #SFG30 hall-of-fame

With our top team of #AfricanFootballExperts on board, we draw on the talents you may be more familiar with in Europe, as well as some of the gems stowed away in the domestic leagues across Africa. Whether they be Algeria, Ghanaian or Burkinabe, we’ve got them covered.

Before you get stuck in, we must outline the parameters for you. The cut-off age was 22, and we’ve only gone for players who have firmly declared their intention to represent a African country at senior level, just to make sure. They aren’t in any particular order, so we’ll let you guys which are going to fly and which are going to flail.

We’d like to thank the likes of Alex Queiros and Ahmed Yussuf for getting involved in the SFG30, and for offering their knowledge of players when the SFG team were scratching their heads, meaning that you get the most accurate and detailed accounts of these young stars.

Whether you use this list to scout players on Football Manager, blag to your friends about your immense knowledge of African prodigies or just because you love football, we really hope you enjoy it.

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