Equatorial Guinea 1-1 Congo: Player Ratings


Felipe Ovono – 5/10 – Made one particularly good save in the second half but made some bizarre decisions.

Diosdado Mbele – 6/10 – Just OK. He was decent in the air though he was a little ragged.

Iban – 7/10 – Entertained with some interesting showboating and managed to find space in between the lines often in the first half. Drifted away in the second.

Emilio Nsue – 8/10 – Scored the opening goal and his movement was excellent during the course of the match.

Javier Balboa – 7/10 – Dropped back to support the midfield but played his role cleverly when moving forward with his positioning.

Pablo Ganet – 5/10 – Looked lost, unsure of his role in the side.

Kike – 7/10 – His wonderful run and through-ball set up Nsue for the opener. Looked lively.

Sipo – 6/10 – He got forward energetically but didn’t have much guile on the ball when he did so.

Ivan Zaradona – 6/10 – You could tell he was tasked with bringing the ball out from the back. Played simply.

Rui da Gracia – 6/10 – Was roughly equal to his partner; decent in the air, though Bifouma’s movement caused confusion at the back.

Randy – 6/10 – Looked like he would tear forward early in the match but played a reserved role after his side went ahead.



Henri Mafoumbi – 6/10 – Was often shaky but still kept his team in it when they were behind.

Marvin Baudry – 5/10 – He put a slew of poor crosses in when he got forward, killing Congo’s momentum.

Francis N’Ganga – 5/10 – Ran ragged by Nsue and didn’t know when to step forward or hold his position.

Boris Moubhio – 5/10 – Equally as poor as his partner for the same reasons.

Césaire Gandzé – 5/10 – One of the reasons Congo looked so poor early on. He’s a limited footballer and didn’t impose himself in any way.

Delvin N’Dinga – 6/10 – Tried to get his side playing by setting the tempo, but with the opponent packing the midfield he wasn’t a threat.

Arnold Bouka Moutou – 6/10 – Wasn’t as wasteful as Baudry but still ineffective.

Prince Oniangue – 6/10 – Played a bit further forward than N’Dinga but he still didn’t do much in attack. Missed out on a couple of 50/50s that set the tone of the game early on.

Thievy Bifouma – 7/10 – Was a bright spark in the opening moments of the game though he had no end product, but he persevered and scored the equaliser for his side after some great movement.

Ferebory Dore – 5/10 – Part of the reason his side struggled in the first half, offered nothing in the channels and often over-complicated things.

Sagesse Babéle – 6/10 – He tried to be creative and make things happen, but to no effect.

Notable substitutions:

Ladislas Douniama – 6/10 – Stretched Equatorial Guinea when they started to become desperate and disorganised.

Dominique Malonga – 6/10 – Set up Bifouma with a clever ball for the equaliser.

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