World Cup Wonders #5 Faisel Aldakheel

There are many different types of wonderful goals: team goals, individual runs that end with a goal, technically volleys; but there is an almost macabre delight associated with a goal which can only be described as an absolute rocket. A simple concept, hit the ball hard and true enough and it will fizz it’s way towards the net and threaten to rip it’s way right through.

Faisal Aldakheel Vs Czechoslovakia (1982 World Cup in Spain)

Possibly the least effective goal that we have visited so far in terms of impact on progression of a team. Kuwait who were making their first and only (to date) appearance at the World Cup finals crashed out in the group stage 1982. But that doesn’t take away from this absolute corker from Faisel Aldakheel. There is an air of inevitability about the goal as a menacing Faisal drives at the Czechoslovakian defence, and the defence keeps backing off. He then unleashes a strike so vicious that Hruska in goals does not even see it as it flies past him. “Aldakheel.. shoot! It’s in the goal!!!” Screams the Kuwaiti commentator, beautiful:

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