World Cup Wonders #3 Saeed Al Owairan

Legendary World Cup goals are hard to forget, and even if we wanted to forget them, the incessant lists of “Top World Cup Goals” like to remind us of them. But there is a hidden gem amongst the myriad over played classics, quickly forgotten by many it has become a distant memory of a nation that once promised so much but has recently plunged to lowly depths on the world stage. Don’t let the fact that this is my favourite World Cup goal ever put you off.

Saeed Al Owairan  Vs Belgium (1994 World Cup in USA)

Al Ouwairan treated us to a mazy run both captivating and hypnotic when Saudi Arabia beat Belgium to seal their second round spot at their first World Cup showing. He collects the ball deep within his own half and embarks on a slaloming run that ends with him sliding in to bury the ball in the back of the net, nonchalantly skipping past challenges as he does so. The baffled Belgian defence is helpless as Saeed cuts through them. Sublime.

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