2013 Cup of Nations: SFG Media Guide

We decided to provide a media pack

The frustrating part of covering African football is the lack of information; a lot of the time it’s up to the journalist or blogger to do all the legwork. It can be disheartening, but we march on anyway because of our passion for the game. UEFA, for instance, release easily-digestible media guides for their tournaments to make life easier for all those covering it. CAF, meanwhile, still seem a long way off producing anything resembling a media pack.

So, when Alex Quieros, a contributor to SFG during the upcoming Cup of Nations, offered to compile all the material SFG have produced on the Cup of Nations plus adding some general historical stuff to spice it all up, it was an offer we could not refuse.

It doesn’t have the refinement of a UEFA pack, but we’re pretty confident it’s better than anything out there. A lot of time and effort went into putting this and the information inside it together, hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it and it’ll make life easier for you. Have a good tournament!


You can follow Alex here and Sandals For Goalposts here.

1 Comment on 2013 Cup of Nations: SFG Media Guide

  1. A great competition.
    I love the excitment.

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