Goalkeeping Distribution: Khune You Believe it?

The intuitive always seem to triumph in Africa. The continent has a way of guiding its inhabitants to seemingly arbitrary success. Itumeleng Khune's story is no different.

At the age of 12, Khune, then a defender, joined the Kaizer Chiefs in a quest to financially support his family. Tragically, the Soweto club detected chest issues and relegated him to the ignominious role of ball-boy. As he stood beside the goalposts, the young Khune decided he wouldn’t let his health, or new position, bog down his spirits. He playfully dove after stray shots which missed the target.

Youth manager Terror Sephoa caught the whiff of talent Khune displayed, and converted him to a goalkeeper. 14 years later, Khune has become his country’s #1 shot-stopper, and he carries a little extra baggage, our very own Salim Said writes:

Khune has the incredible distribution that is enough to consider him a playmaker in his own right. You could simply say it’s because he played outfield before he made the transition to goal, but Ryan Shawcross plays outfield and he can’t do what Khune does. His pinpoint distribution isn’t only useful when igniting a counter-attack but also finds South Africa’s teeny tricksters in congested central areas of the pitch.

You can watch Khune’s distribution vs. Algeria below

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