Spotlight: Faouzi Ghoulam

In honour of Faouzi Ghoulam's recent declaration of allegiance to Algeria, we decided to do a small feature on him.

Playing Style

In the modern game, it’s rare that a young fullback be primarily praised for his defensive qualities. Yet Faouzi Ghoulam is more comfortable sitting back, maintaining shape and defending, than attacking. Ghoulam is strong in the slide tackle and is rarely beaten by an opposite number.

When asked about his playing style, Ghoulam likes to draw himself out as a Patrice Evra/Nadir Belhadj hybrid. But his upright posture, knack for the safe pass, and defensive reservations remind me of Eric Abidal.

Faouzi Ghoulam is, also, the only player we have ever seen throw a football farther than Rory Delap.

Match Compilation

Last weekend Faouzi Ghoulam turned in one of his best performances for Les Stephanois vs. Valenciennes

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