SFG Scout Report: Criteria & Assessment

As promised in the introduction, here is the criteria we will follow in the SFG Scout Report:


The SFG team will be searching for players that are under 21, who reportedly have a huge amount of potential. On occasions however, we may include an exception to this rule by reporting players over 21. This will only be done on special occasions and if the player has been outstanding.


There is no restriction to which continents we will be scouting from. It is important to bear in mind that most scouted players may be playing for European or African teams due to the specialties that members of our boardroom possess. Although, we will hopefully be able to explore and expand our horizons in the long run!

Now that the (brief) criteria has been sorted, we will now move onto the assessment phase. This part requires us to score the players we have scouted out of 10 in different aspects of their game:

Physical Ability

We will be focusing on: Finishing, Speed, Tackling, Heading and Strength.

Mental Ability

This section focusing primarily on: Vision, Positioning and Passing

Current & Future Ability

As the title says,  we will be rate the player’s current ability and what they could potentially be.

Adding up the ratings will provide us with how good the player is on this scale:

0-20 = no hope

21-40 = not likely to make it

41-60 = work to do, potential is there

61-80 = star in the making

81-100 = already world class

(Note: for goalkeepers, we will rate the based on: Handling, Distribution, Reactions/Reflexes, Current Ability and Future Ability. Each aspect will be rated out of 20 instead of 10).

We will then round of the report by provide a current valuation and (potential) future value of the player, should they improve.

That’s it for Criteria & Assessment. Feel free to suggest any players you think deserve to be Scouted and mentioned in the SFG Scout Report by emailing us or following us on Twitter!

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