Passionate Arabic Commentary

Passion. A word used often in relation to football; be it to describe fans, players or managers. Rarely however in the English speaking world is it used to describe commentators. A bit of a shame that, considering the unbridled fervor of the fans and players when a goal is scored, or their unspeakable furor when a wrong call is made, or their misery when their beloved team is on the receiving end of a harsh scoreline. In the commentary, naturally you want at least a proportion of these emotions relayed by the commentator. However, when it comes to Arabic commentary, you get the full shebang, no holding back. The emotion is raw and the style of the delivery is unquestionable.

The legendary enthusiasm of Arabic commentators showcases their admiration for the beautiful game, and for this reason today I will begin my series on clips of Arabic commentators. What better way to begin this with a topical piece of absolutely brilliant commentary from Al Jazeera commentator Swar Althahb. His excitement at the goal, which saw Sudan qualify for the quarter finals of the Nations Cup by recording their first win at the competition in 42 years, readily palpable when his voice breaks with sheer joy.

Soak it up:

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