Technically-gifted Managers

For most managers, management only offers second –hand thrills compared to their playing days. Many ex-players go into management not because they love managing but they miss playing and management allows them to get as close that greeny, muddy rectangle as possible. The technical area is the zone where you see managers express themselves, either via shouting expletives, looking at the time if you’re Sir Alex Ferguson or being ginger if you’re Gary Megson. There are some managers, though, who like to use the touchline as a means to express themselves footballistically, a stage for them to try a neat skill or two. As they say, you never lose it.

Hassan Shehata, ladies and gentlemen:


Diego Maradona showing he sets the benchmark in touchline flair:


Monsieur Maradona and Shehata display good skills but they are self-indulgent. This by Dragan Stojkovic, however, isn’t. Football, at the end of the day is about making that net bulge:


The goal was so good that he was sent off. And, yes, he meant it.

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